Parent Information

Hello Parents/Guardians/Family and Friends welcome to the 2021 Central Islip Little League Season.

Teams will be formulated on by the end of March

Other info. These are recommendations. Please research to get equipment specifically geared to your child.

Glove size 4,5,6 year olds we recommend a 10” inch glove for tee-ball and baseball

For baseball 7.8 year olds a 10” inch glove is still good. 9/10 year olds a 10 ½ to 11 inch glove is good and 11/12 year olds a 11 to 12 ½ inch glove is good. 13 and up it depends on child’s height and size

All males must wear a protective cup.
 Boys usually wear hats for practice. Girls usually wear visors with softball, players playing baseball and softball games must where hats/visors.  There will be a replacement charge for apparel, and that is if we have it in stock. Pants must be worn at practice. There will be sliding and knees scraped, do not make it worse by not properly dressing your child.. Your child need to wears cleats.

The Little League does supply a helmet, but it is a team helmet. Most parents buy their own as parents don’t want any hair issues.

All players will receive a TEAM hat/visor, uniform shirt and pants before the season starts.


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